Funny mixes of English in Hebrew

My Son is 3 years old and is learning English (here in Israel) through my speaking it with him.

He understands English well but speaks it very little. What I have noticed is that he takes English words, translating them literally to Hebrew and uses them in Hebrew sentences.

Here are some examples:

Instead of saying that he has "gas in his tush", he took the English word "gas" (short for gasoline) and translated gasoline to the Hebrew "delek".
End result: he has said "I have gasoline in my tush". יש לי דלק בטוסיק

From the the English phrase "room in my stomach" the word "room" (meaning in this case space) was translated to "cheder" (a room in a house).
End result: "I have a room in my stomach". יש לי חדר בבטן.

The word "falling" from the phrase "falling asleep" was translated literally.
End result: "I think I'll tumble asleep". אני חושב שאני אפול לישון

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