Breakfast, day 1

I just had the "south Indian" breakfast. The service was "full service", not buffet. After I got to the table I took my plate and wandered a little, looking for the food. They told me they'd bring it to me.

One funny thing that happened during the meal was that a waiter stood a meter from me, facing me. Attending to me I guess. I managed to ignore him and eat my meal.

* Spiced buttermilk (which had seeds, green chili pepper slices and curry leaves)
* Idly
* Vada
* Sambar and Chutney (the chutney was a coconut chutney; very spicy and delicious!)

These are all shown in the picture here (from Wikipedia -- tomorrow I'll be bringing my camera to breakfast)

Actually, the menu says that there is a choice of either idly or dosa. So I lucked out when the waiter asked me if I wanted dosa and brought it when I said yes.

And this is what was inside the dosa.

The coffee was with tons of milk.

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