Dinner, day 1

Good news: there is hot water! This hotel is improving.

I just returned from dinner. I asked the reception if they knew any Indian restaurants in the area I could try. They directed me to a "international cuisine" restaurant and said that there were no Indian restaurants in the area for me. Luckily, I was able to find a nice one quite near the place they directed me to. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if they were right that there was no Indian place nearby for me :-)

The place was full of locals eating all kinds of dinners. Fortunately, there was a menu in English. Of course it would have been more helpful if the menu had pictures as I'm not exactly familiar with Indian food options. But I could choose the Northern Indian food, and after someone helpfully explained that the cashier asked if I wanted to have a dali(?) (i.e. bread and bowls of curries) I got this:

The food was good. The only problem was eating it solely with my right hand (because I understand that it is rude to eat with your left one). I ended up eating both rotis, but leaving a lot of the curries because I wasn't able to mop them up. It is especially hard to tear off a piece of roti using only one hand, though I saw people there doing it very nicely. Eating the rice with my hand was definitely interesting. I was sure messy though! Lots of good food was wasted :-).

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